Whale island fun city let you have wonderful fun in the city, easy to make money

Time: 2017-03-07
Summary: Whale island fun city, gorgeous appearance, insteresting and attractive content, wonderful and amazing project
Spring in 2017, Medias Advertising Co., LTD., as China's large inflatable amusement equipment industry leading a new sensational project in the whole circle of friends, the whale island fun city absolutely let you have surprise! This sure can make you earn much money easily when you can operate well this project.

What is the whale island fun city?
Intuitive speaking, appearance is a big blue whale if 40 m long, 25 m wide after inflated forming, (or any customized size) such a huge monster standing, whether very spectacular, very attractive? Whales, as a kind of animal in the ocean is full of mystery, for those of us living in the city, few to see such a whale? Therefore the whale island fun city only from external it will attract more people to come to visit! 

The whale island fun city not only have gorgeous appearance, also have "heart" which can take all rivers run into sea. It contained 1000000 Marine ball, the ocean balloons can be filled with 5 bus, covered the playground of school. Trampoline, slides, canoeing, u-balloons, roller, inflatable yellow duck, etc. These small inflatable toys all are in the whale belly, oh yeah!  coupled with the changing lights decorating inside make the atmosphere of whole amusement field more pleasure! Parent-child play , lovers play, friends play... Here, regardless of age, regardless of gender, the whale island fun city absolutely let everyone who visit with full happiness!

Whale island paradise let you "whale" colourful city, easy to make money